Preventative Dentistry

Dental Cleanings
Routine dental cleanings are paramount in maintaining the foundation for a healthy oral cavity. Not only can frequent hygiene visits serve to keep the soft tissue and teeth healthy, it provides a means for early diagnosis of any dental issues and an opportunity to review at-home oral care strategies and techniques.

Fluoride Treatments
Application of fluoride benefits the teeth in many ways. The three key benefits are fluoride increases the strength of the mineral content in teeth, prevents the teeth from losing mineral when exposed to acids and other products that break down teeth, and it actually helps to prevent a crucial step in bacterial digestion of sugars which further prevents cavity formation in teeth.

Sealants are essentially thin, bonded restorations placed in deep grooves and fissues on permanent teeth. The purpose of sealants is to prevent cavity formation by filling the grooves and creating a smooth surface. Deep grooves on teeth are some of the most likely areas for tooth decay to develop due to food "sticking" in these areas, which become a nutrient source for the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

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