Tooth Whitening

Our office offers several options for whitening teeth, giving our patients the ability to choose what works best for them. The two main techniques used by our practice are:

In-Office Bleaching
In one hour using our in-office system, whitening your teeth is fast and convenient. Routinely, in one appointment, we are able to achieve three shades lighter than the starting shade. The procedure is painless and the results are immediate.

At-Home Bleaching Trays
For patients who want more control over the whitening result, at-home bleaching trays may be the right choice. The active ingredient in our at-home trays is carbamide peroxide. By offering this product at various concentrations, we give our patients the autonomy to choose the
length of time they must wear the trays, ranging from 15 minutes to overnight bleaching, while still achieving a similar result.

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